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Internship Program Overview

Internship Program Overview

We have been developing programs for international groups, and our main service is helping to provide international professionals with training opportunities in the United States through the J-1 visa. This visa was created by Congress in 1961 to encourage young, international professionals to come to the United States for practical training in their chosen career field. Thousands of participants take part in J-1 visa programs each year and Host Companies include well-known organizations such as Marriott International and KPMG.  

Program Information:

  • Participants are to intern at companies in the United States learning American management, operations, skills and knowledge in Business
  • All participants are issued J-1 Exchange Visitors' visa
  • The maximum length of internship is 18 months
  • Each participant is screened and interviewed in their home country
  • Participants receive training according to training plan 

Program Advantages:

  • Cost Effective: We do not charge the Host Company any fees for internship placement.
  • Well Screened Candidates: Each applicant is screened by us.
  • Qualified and Enthusiastic Workers: Most applicants have had extensive experience in their field. All are bilingual, and eager to learn more about business in the United States.
  • No Visa Sponsorship Necessary: We works with an organization that is authorized by the U.S. Government to issue intern visas(J-1 visa). This organization acts as the legal sponsor for all interns.