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What is the J-1 visa?

What is the J-1 visa?

The J-1 Exchange Visitor visa is for international exchange and has a special provision for “international trainees” to provide individuals with bona fide practical training in the U.S. in their professional fields. Applicants obtain the actual visa in their home country at the US Consulate. 

Training programs are designed to allow foreign professionals to come to the United States to gain exposure to U.S. culture and to receive training in U.S. business practices. Foreign nationals have had the opportunity to train with some of the finest employers in the U.S., gaining real time experience in their chosen career fields. 

In order to apply for J-1 Exchange Visitor visa, applicants have to first obtain the Certificate of Eligibility form, called “DS-2019.” It can only be issued by Department of State-designated J-1 visa sponsor organizations. Each DS-2019 Form is registered through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) of the U.S. Department of State. 

We will assist with obtaining the DS-2019 form, and apply for J-1 visa.

For more information on the J-1 Visa program, please visit USCIS.