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Short Internship Agreement

Institute of Global Exchange が企画、運営する「US-INTERNSHIP 短期プログラム」に関する同意書
Agreement on the “US-INTERNSHIP SHORT PROGRAM” planned and managed by Institute of Global Exchange.

Institute of global Exchangeが、研修生を受け入れ企業に派遣し研修するインターンプログラムについて、参加者は当プログラムの教育的目的と実施意識を理解し以下の通り合意する。
With respect to the internship program, by which Institute of Global Exchange places interns for training to host companies (hereinafter referred to participant, participant understands the educational purpose and intention of this program and agrees as follows.

The intern bears responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of company information during the internship and after the program about the contents of training and on-the-job secret matters at the host companies.

Article 1
The training hours, dress code are subject to the company rules of the host company.

Article 2
The intern should never be late for internship (Leave home well in advance).

Article 3
The intern should not be absent from work during an internship.

Article 4
The intern should contact the host company with any urgent matter in advance if he/she needs time off from work.

Article 5
The intern should contact IGE when he/she cannot reach the host company or he/she is going to be absent from work more than two days.

Article 6
The intern should make best effort to find tasks on his/her own, not only to expect instructions.

Article 7
The host company is not an organization to teach English.
They will decide whether they give tasks in English depending on the intern’s English ability and various circumstances.

Article 8
The intern should ask IGE in advance if he/she wants to extend a training term.

Article 9
If a disaster or damage occurs during training, it is to be compensated by the participant's own insurance. When he/she is not compensated by the insurance, he/she is responsible for all expenses and will not charge IGE or host company for any expenses.

Article 10
During training, if a problem arises, the intern should report it to IGE immediately.

Article 11
研修中に支障を来すような健康状態やアレルギー疾患が研修生にある場合は、事前にIGE に報告すること。
The intern should report any diseases such as health conditions or allergy impairments to IGE in advance.

以上の内容を理解し、承諾した上で、Institute of Global Exchangeのインターンシッププログラムに参加致します。