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Services for US Employers

Services for US Employers

Services and Process for our internship placement are as follows:

Internship Placement is free of charge!


▼From Application to Internship Placement

1.Submit host company application on-line

2.Receive qualified internship candidate’s resume and cover letter according to your internship request and conditions.  

3.Interview the candidate via telephone and decide whether to offer the internship position. 

4.Review and sign the internship agreement we create according to your internship offer. 

5.Visa and flight arrangements will be processed.


From Arrival to the first day of training 

1.We will give an orientation for the intern to start new life and job in the United States.

2.We will also assist with Bank Account, Social Security Number, Automobile, and Accomodation as requested.  

3.Start Internship when ready!